Spotify Style Bar on Update in Meteor


One of the things that makes Meteor so great is the hot code push feature, in case you don't know it; it reloads your Meteor app when you change your code, while storing some data, data stored with the Session package, for example.

This feature is amazing, it's a perfect fit for continuous integration. You want to update your app with fixes and new features ASAP, but you don't want to bother the users when they were changing state in your application. Meteor handles that.

This sounds great, but saving the state of the application doesn't really work that well in practice, all the data that needs to be migrated between reloads has to be JSON serializable (it gets saved in local storage), and the code that you use to store the data will need to handle the reload stuff (you can't use normal variables).

So, wouldn't it be great if we could have a quick reload cycle, but not reloading the app all of the sudden, with the possibility of losing data? Spotify has a good solution for this:

I wanted to have the same kind of thing for simplyHomework. Remember that I said that packages need to handle reloads to store data? Meteor has a function Reload._onMigrate which requires a function as parameter, which can give the data back to store, if it has any. It can also postpone the reload if it still has to handle storing data.

We can 'abuse' this system to only let the app reload if the user gave permission to do so. Without providing any data. Which is exactly what we do, so for the code:

var canReload = false;
var notice;

Reload._onMigrate('lazy-code-push', function (retry) {
    // If we didn't ask the user yet if they want to reload, ask.
    // We only want to ask once, even if the user answered no.
    if (notice === undefined) {
        notice = setBigNotice({
            content: 'simplyHomework is geüpdatet! Klik hier om de pagina te herladen.',
            onClick: function () {
                canReload = true;
    return [canReload];

We have a function setBigNotice which shows a bar with the given content, if it's clicked it will call onClick, which allows the app to reload. It looks like this:

Success! The user can continue using the app, and when he's ready, he can let the app reload.